The district goal of the referendum is to be transparent about the impact of this taxpayer investment. Due to certain exemptions that lower taxable value of the home and future variables, it is impossible to predict exactly how much the tax impact will be. However, it is integral to this process to provide all the tools we can to get most accurate estimate given the vast range of variables in every individual property tax bill. 

Step 1: Find "Fair Cash Value" found on your most recent property tax bill. You can also find this by entering your address in the Jo Daviess County Property Tax Inquiry site and clicking "print tax bill."

tax bill screen shot

Option A: The table search below shows a homeowner exemption but no other exemptions. The homestead exemption is the most common exemption that lowers the increase of the home’s assessed value.

referendum table

*Median school district household value was pulled from the US Census Bureau data and includes all households in the school district boundaries.

Option B: Enter "Fair Tax Value" from most recent tax bill in tax estimator.

Both Option A and Option B:

  • are estimates due to unknowns of interest rates at the time of the bond sale and future valuations/assessments of houses. 

  • show the impact of the building bond referendum and do not include any operating tax extension increase of all taxing bodies on your tax bill. 

  • Assume 5.25% interest rate on the bond sale (building loan). While it is anticipated that the interest rate based on current market conditions would be lower, this amount is assumed to be conservative.

  • Assume an approximate February 1, 2025 bond sale if approved. This means that this referendum would not show on individual tax bills until 2025.